CatBark Mission Statement:
Value adding by use of winded fiberglas pipes and carbon fiber in vessel and craft construction.

What is CatBark?

A game changer as plastic pipes will make a mega trend shift in inland and ocean vessel industry, reducing loss of lifes and environmental damage. 

The new development in winding glass reinforced plastics (GRP) pipe production machines, has created access to a basic flotation component in boat and maybe, shipbuilding that is strong, light and manageable.

Together with stronger and easier applied composites joining processes, makes “flotation” vessel hulls economical and a very fast fabrication.  Thus makes a multi hull fiber constructions carry more weight per ship light tons, than any other material and are stronger with less weight than iron or even aluminum. 

Catbark have presently 3 basic innovative solutions;  prefab pipes, hull mounted foil construction and A-frame masts with extensions making Catbark a more safe and faster craft under all weather conditions.   Our Catbark design for inland, lake and river transport can easily change ballast to unground and support cargo and passenger operations.

Lightweight fiber gangway planking makes long reach to support loading and discarge operations. In river transport Catbark solutions are environmental right and life saving, besides easily assembled locally.   

Our modular system of wheeled round container transport takes the landing and boarding, to any beach close to a road or producer, and makes possible for each production unit to tug-float or truck their Catbark container to our Catbark river transporter, that  comes also with a roll on-off solution. 

Ocean truck Catbark

Todays wave and weather forecast service, makes possible faster and safer routing for Catbark powered sailing craft,  possibly the future of wind driven “ocean trucks” on coastal transport again saving fuel and CO2. 

Catbark is a registred “investment & venture” company registred in Denmark, with a small group of collaborators.

HQ located on Fanø island.

Vision Statement

Development and construction of economical, environmentally friendly  pipe based crafts, perfect for river & inland transport, sailing, cruising and with new concepts in ship design platform.

Planning & Architecture

Any project of this new combination in fiberglas pipes and carbon fiber will have to well planned and studied in its design phase. CatBark IVS, and a growing group of Danish and international partners will be taking in challenges to design your ideal craft, being a yacht, cargo, utility or passenger vessel.


Let us help you with finding the right yard, or launching place, to construct your vessel. Due to the method of assembly and level of pre-fabrication your vessel maybe assembled close to your work/route area.


We really mean foiling and please take contact for further information, as we are in very exciting progress braking new speed and comfort levels.

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